The Lab

Our Research Group

Our laboratory explores the genetic, epigenetic and immune mechanisms and processes involved in the development of urothelial carcinoma.

In better understanding these mechanisms, we can focus on providing the most effective clinical treatments for those who are affected by bladder cancer.

Mairah Khan, PhD. Post-doctoral Fellow

Mairah Khan, PhD

Antoni Domagala, MD, PhD  Visiting Research Scholar

Antoni Domagala, MD, PhD

Quanhong Ma, PhD- Senior Research Technologist

Quanhong (Grace) Ma, PhD

Jun Qian, MD- Senior Research Technologist

Jun Qian, MD

Khyati Meghani, MS – Driskill Graduate Student

Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Urology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

Feinberg and Biochemistry highlighted our laboratory.

The video is dated, but the mission is evergreen.